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2018 is already screaming past and we have nearly finished the first month of the year !  How’s everyone’s New Year resolutions holding up?  I think stat’s say that 50% of us will have already given up – lol!  So much for resolving to do something hey ;-).  We may not be able to trust our own resolve – but we can trust God’s!

Here at JB we’ve been doing a little video series on Trusting God!  Check it out on our FB page if you haven’t already seen it  So, we’ve covered a bit about why to trust Him – He can see the big pic and He absolutely loves you!; when to trust Him – all the time!; and another part of the why is remembering who we are in Him.

So, below I’ve listed who you are in God… some of these I say nearly every morning and some I think I need to start saying!  If we know who we are, then we will know that we are uber powerful because we belong to God and Jesus died so that we could be overcomers.  If we don’t roll with what God has opened up for us, then we aren’t really being faithful to Him and aren’t being or doing all that He has created us to be and do.

Of course, satan loves to attack us on our identity, because he knows that if we don’t remember how powerful we are, then we will be weak Christians.  Which is why, I think, we need to remind ourselves every morning who we are, and who He is.  The Almighty, the all powerful, Living God.

Who God Says You Are:

A child of the most High God (Gal 3v26)

Saved (Rom 10:9-10)

Righteous (Rom 5v1)

Loved (Is 43v3)

Free (John 8v36)

Victorious (Phil 4v13)

Blessed (2 Cor 9v8)

Healed (Is 53v5)

Filled with peace (Phil 4v17)

More than a conqueror (Rom 8v32)

Filled with joy (John 15:11)

Favoured (Prov 8v35)

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