T-shirts touching lives…

I wear my Jesus Boy shirt everywhere.  I like it because it doesn’t scream “I’m a Christian!” but it sure gets people second guessing and it also starts the odd deep conversation…And it gets His name out there too.

The most amazing encounter happened last year 2016, at Hamilton Island airport departure baggage check-in queue.  I’d been at a work conference, which had a lot of fun thrown in, and my 9 year old son with me.

A 50 something year old lady and her husband were crossing my path in this queue, and she saw my JB shirt.  She came up to me, over the aisle tape, grabbed my flannelette shirt aside to closely read my tee and see the whole graphic.  She rips in with “Hey, I really like this shirt of yours”, “Awww thanks” I replied.  Now, anyone that knows me…knows that I have zero personal space issues anyway, and I was in such a great headspace given the last 3 days of festivities, plus the mood in the place reflected one of exhausted satisfaction.  She continued, “You know it really reminds me of my son”.  I smiled and said chirpily “Ah, tell me about him”.  She said “Well he just died last week”…pause.

“We came here to get away from home and just try to move on a little bit, just too depressing being stuck at home.  But even here on this island paradise we have had the most terrible time”  The mood really changed right there.  I turned to my son, Hurley, … “You hear that Hurley?  This lady’s son has died, you’re my son, imagine how sad I would be if you died?”  I barely had to prod the kid, he’s such a little soft-hearted legend.  “Oh that’s not very nice” he said, and gave her a big hug, pressing in as though she were his own Grandma.  Then I gave her the biggest hug, as though I was her son.  And for what seemed like about 10 minutes, she bawled her eyes out on my shoulder.  What a release for her.  People in the queue just shuffled around us, we hugged there like a statue as though we were the only ones there.  Frozen in time.  The atmosphere was heavy with dark grief and mourning.  But it was her turning point.  A huge release….

*Names changed below but this was an email from this lady.

Aw… I was just thinking of you and how I genuinely believe that was divine appointment.  My heart and soul had been calling on my Lord who has been so kind to me.  I saw His name on your t-shirt and it was like he was saying “see I’m here”… I’ve tried to be a strong girl…but your T-shirt just made my spirit sing.  I really do think it was divine appt.  I needed that hug from you and Hurley and the concern and comfort you showed me at that time.  Praise the Lord for He is an awesome and caring God.  I love you back dear brother for what you did that day at the airport.  Thank you for lifting me up in your prayers too…prayer is powerful and keeps me going.  I would love one of those t-shirts maybe I can pass what happened to us forward.  (It will always remind me of *James) Thank you again Hudson.  I hope you feel as blessed being Father Gods eye, mouth and arms for me that day as I did.  God is a good God..May he bless you and keep you, may he shine his face towards you and give you his peace.  Love *Shirley

The power of His name!

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