I have a question about shipping

How much will shipping cost me?

Cost of shipping is Free to Australian customers.  If you want to track your order it will cost $6.00 inc GST.  For bulk orders, contact us for a customised shipping price.  If you live in the U.S. the flat rate is only $8.

What shipping carrier do you use?

All orders are sent via Australia Post

Can I track my order?

Of course!  You can choose either Standard Post or Tracking Post at the time you place your order.  It will cost you a bit extra to track your parcel but if it gives you peace of mind – it may be worth it.

When will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped within 48 hours of the order being placed.

Take me back to the shop so I can check out the awesome t’shirts again

I’ve already done my shopping – take me back to my cart!

What about Privacy - is this site secure?

How do I know this site is secure?

The creators at Jesus Boy take web security very seriously.

You can verify this by checking out the web address – when it starts with https:// it means there’s an added layer of security in the website.  We also ensure that any information you input into our website is secure both online and offline.

What about my credit card details?

We love using Paypal because keeping financial details secure is their business.  And for those who choose to use your credit card, we chose Stripe.  We heard they’re one of the best in the business, and again, keeping financial details secure is their business.  This means that Jesus Boy doesn’t do anything with your credit card details – everything is processed by Stripe or Paypal.

What about my other personal details?

We do store the information from your order form.  It helps us to track any issues that may arise and refer to previous orders to help provide better customer service. However, rest assured that this information is kept secure and we will not share it with anyone else.

Will you use my details to flood my inbox with unwanted emails and specials?

Nope.  Nobody can stand being inundated with ‘specials’ all of the time.  We may use your email to contact you with a special or a new product range, however, it won’t be more than one email per month!  And of course you can, at anytime, opt out!  Simply flick us an email: hello@jesusboy.com.au

I’m satisfied that Jesus Boy will keep my details secure – take me back to the shop!

There's something wrong with my order!

I placed an order a week ago and still haven’t received it

We all know that Australia Post can be a little slow at times, however, generally they’re pretty good.  Remember to allow us two business days to package and post your order and it may take up to 5 business days for delivery.  If it’s outside of this window, please send us an email at:  hello@jesusboy.com.au

We know what it’s like to wait expectantly and not have something show up.  We will do all we can to follow this up for you.

I’ve received the wrong size/order

Contact us!  hello@jesusboy.com.au
We’ll have to check all the paperwork and stock levels, of course.  However, once that’s all sorted – we’ll send you a replacement ASAP!

There’s something wrong with my tee/I’m not happy with this product

We don’t want unhappy customers, especially if there’s a faulty product!!  We do quality checks and hold our supplier to high accountability.  However, we’re all human, so we know that sometimes things can go wrong.  Please contact us immediately and we’ll sort it out for you!  hello@jesusboy.com.au