Our Story

So how did Jesus Boy come about?  Why do we do what we do?  At the end of the day, we do Jesus Boy because God told us to, because we want to bring a word of hope to so many who have forgotten what hope looks like and to bring answers into a hurting world.  So we made a shirt that can be worn everywhere everyday.

Every time someone steps up and has the courage to wear Jesus Boy, a heart is touched and an opportunity opened for God to speak into someone’s life.  Through whoever is wearing the shirt, God can remind people that He loves them.

This shirt is worn to the skate park, the markets, to the pub, the gym, the beach and on the street.  Opportunities are made and conversations have started due to this shirt bearing ‘His’ name.  And THAT is our heart – to strengthen Christians to share their faith.  When wearing a JB shirt people will approach you…and ask what the go is.  Because secretly, deep down, a hope is ignited in them, that you may have an answer for the hole in their hearts.

In the beginning . . .  there was a boy with a love for God.  For as long as he can remember – Hudson has loved God and he has loved people.  His heart to see people come to know God was there in Grade 8 when he invited his entire school to his small youth group event – alarming the leaders when 85% of the school turned up!  His heart to see people be rescued from hopelessness into God’s love and hope, is still there.  So, when God said to him to start a t-shirt business and get His name out there, he didn’t hesitate.  He got his wife and family on board and the journey began.

Hudson created the Jesus Boy logo years ago and put it anywhere he could think of – the side of his trailer, his rubbish bin, his driveway – and eventually it made it to his clothing.  Some screen printing was successful . . . some was not (check out the photo of him with Jesus Boy on his jeans)!  Many years later, the Jesus Boy tee was born.

‘Everyone who acknowledges Me before men, I also will acknowledge before My Father who is in heaven.’  Matt 10:32

Jesus Boy Father & son

Giving Back

When you know God, it fills the empty feeling on the inside, and brings forgiveness and healing.  With that also comes the knowledge that He is the King of Kings and we are here for Him.

So, at the foundation of Jesus Boy, there was never a doubt that the profits weren’t just for us.  The world is hurting, God has blessed us, and His economy is giving.  We may not be able to change everything, but at the very least we can begin to make a change for some.

We decided to donate 10% of the profits towards a worthy cause.   Our family sponsor children through Compassion and love the work they do, turning around the lives of the children who are sponsored as well as their families.  Not only do Compassion provide food when needed, they also bring the Word of God.  When family lives improve and hope is restored, entire communities are impacted.  The Redeemer wins.